Universal filament yarn tester

Retracted Oven
Retracted Oven
Oven moving toward the yarn
Oven moving toward the yarn
Oven closing over yarn
Oven closing over yarn
Closed oven
Closed oven
The newest evolutionary stage in the Textechno DYNAFIL series is the DYNAFIL ME. Apart from a substantial increase in output, the DYNAFIL ME is also characterised by a high degree of automation and is especially user friendly. Moreover, it opens completely new areas of application for filament yarn testing. In the past all DYNAFIL models worked with constant overfeed/extension. In addition to this, DYNAFIL ME also enables measurement of extension or contraction at constant tensile force on the running yarn, e.g. percentage crimp contraction of textured yarns. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out time-dependent shrinkage- and shrinkage force measurements and relaxation- or creep tests on the stationary yarn held between the godets.

The DYNAFIL ME incorporates a patented high temperature heater that operates between room temperature and 500°C. In conjunction with godet yarn feed mechanisms and electronically regulated servo drives, it enables test speeds of up to 1000 m / min, which have until now been impossible to realise. Furthermore, it opens new application possibilities in the area of high temperature resistant polymers. A further technical innovation is the high-resolution load cell for highly accurate measurement of even the smallest forces, e.g. for crimp tests on textured yarns.

Apart from standard tests for routine quality control, the PC control technique also permits the use of complex test parameter linkages, which allow for substantially more comprehensive statements to be made concerning yarn quality and sources of faults during production. Detailed investigations have demonstrated that DYNAFIL tests that have been configured accordingly can often replace work intensive knit-dye tests that are commonly used in texturing. A change of test material, yarn count, or testing method is PC controlled and requires no manual adjustment to the test equipment.

In addition to the actual DYNAFIL testing methods, the application areas of the equipment can be substantially broadened to include friction measurements, entanglement tests, yarn evenness tests and yarn count measurements using additional modules. Here, the basic principle of all such additional tests is that, in each case, they take place either simultaneously or sequentially on the same yarn. As a result, there is a substantial time advantage over the use of several different test instruments and significant advantage in space saving, together with increased functional safety. At the end of the testing sequence, the yarn samples can be captured by an automatic sample collector and be forwarded for further testing, e.g. for determining spin finish- or coning oil contents.

To achieve a high test output, an automatic changer for feeding the test packages is recommended. The Textechno package changers model SM and SE with 2 or 20 positions respectively operate on the principle of splicing the running yarn. This method enables package change without stoppage of the test equipment during the package changeover.

Testing methods

  • Draw-force testing of pre-oriented yarns (POY), e.g. according to ASTM D 5344 - 99, or of fully-drawn yarns (FOY, FDY)
  • Crimp testing of textured yarns (DTY, BCF)
  • Shrinkage testing of all types of yarns
  • Static shrinkage-, relaxation- or creep measurements
  • Friction measurements*
  • Entanglement tests*
  • Capacitive evenness tests*
  • Yarn count testing* with sample collection*

*with additional modules

DYNAFIL with COVAFIL, package changer and TESTCONTROL
DYNAFIL with COVAFIL, package changer and TESTCONTROL

System components

DYNAFIL ME, basic equipment

Yarn feeds:

  • 2 godets, alternatively nip rolls can be automatically added
  • Computer controlled servo drives for yarn speeds up to 1000 m/min
  • Pre-selectable extension -80 - 1000 %
  • Gauge length between the godets 1250 mm


  • Electrically heated, max. temperature 500 °C (special model for 600 °C if required), length 1000 mm, automatic traversing for yarn introduction to the heater

Force measuring system:

  • 1 load cell with measuring roller, nominal range 1200 cN, resolution 10 µN
  • Automatic yarn lift and calibration

Pre-tensioning device:

  • Active feeding device, PC controlled, for obtaining accurately adjustable and constant pre-tension forces within the range 1 - 1000 cN
  • Two easily exchangeable load cells (100 cN and 1000 cN) available

Additional modules

Friction device:

  • With ceramic- or stainless steel friction bodies (other surfaces on request)
  • Choice between three different, automatically adjustable wrap angles

Entanglement sensor:

  • Optical determination of yarn diameter
  • Automatic adjustment to the yarn count
  • Adjustment to other existing test results via adjustable threshold value
  • Max. test speed 1000 m/min
  • Measuring heads for fine and medium count yarns (up to 2500 dtex) and coarse yarns (over 2500 dtex)

Module for measuring yarn evenness COVAFIL:

  • Capacitive measuring system, yarn count range 40 - 300 dtex (other ranges on request)
  • False twist rotor up to 16000 rpm
  • Integrated yarn feed system for stand-alone use independent of the DYNAFIL ME


  • Yarn collecting and weighing device, weighing range 0 - 310 g, resolution 1 mg

Automatic sample collector:

  • Takes over the weighed samples from the COMCOUNT module
  • Exchangeable magazine with 20 collecting vessels

Package changer:

  • Automatic change by splicing the running yarn
  • Model SE for 20 yarn ends
  • Model SM for 2 yarn ends

Further technical data

Mains supply:

220 V, 50 (60) Hz, current requirement approx. 10 A (DYNAFIL ME).

Compressed air supply:

5 bar, 150 l/min



Height 1680, Width 1040, Depth 720 mm, Weight approx. 250 kg

COMCOUNT, COVAFIL and automatic sample collector

Height 1680, Width 680, Depth 650 mm, Weight approx. 180 kg

Package changer SE

Height 935, Width 800, Depth 630 mm, Weight approx. 65 kg

Package changer SM

Height 1100, Width 600, Depth 600 mm, Weight approx. 15 kg