Memo-Tens R-3010

Yarn tension measurement is essential for all yarn - and fabric - producers.

ROTHSCHILD build the electronic tensiometers since years. They were reliable, accurate, recorded data and their statistics. Only drawback - instruments, PC or recorder had to be carried along on a trolley - weight ca. 15 - 25 kg.

To overcome this ROTHSCHILD has developed a completely new Tensiometer, which weights - including the measuring head only 250 grams plus a tablet 600 grams.

With this easy carrying-on device one can do measuring in the whole plant - without doing any "shlepping" - a dream comes true !

Description of new MEMO-TENS R-3010

MEMO-TENS R-3010 is a new concept for yarn tension measurements on multiple yarn production machines for fast data acquisition in the whole plant.Since years our ROTHSCHILD ELECTRONIC TENSIOMETER are a trade word with yarn producers worldwide.

Up to now ROTHSCHILD ELECTRONIC TENSIOMETER where composed of three parts.

1...Measuring electrode (measuring head) to take up the yarn under tension

2...Proper ELECTRONIC TENSIOMETER for signal amplification, data preparation for transfer to data evaluation - this instrument, weights approx. 8 kg - and is connected to electric power.

3...A PC or Notebook.

All this units had to be mounted on a trolley and guided through the plant for measuring yarn tensions during production. A nearby electric plug was condition.

The new ROTHSCHILD MEMO-TENS R-3010 is a revolution in data acquiring of yarn tension in the plant.

Thank new engineering techniques, new miniaturised electronics it was possible to build all parts of the ROTHSCHILD ELECTRONIC-TENSIOMETER into the measuring head. All of minimal dimensions and weight.

(30 x 160 mm 220 grams)

This brings the whole yarn tension device inclusive all parts to a

Measuring head 220 grams + Tablet PC 600 grams !

No problem anymore to go through the whole plant taking yarn tension measurements and record all data.

This brings the whole yarn tension device inclusive all parts to a:


  • Measuring range 0-1000 cN
  • Memory for up to 150 position measurements
  • Position for positions or on line measurements
  • Graphical display statistic evaluations





In this test, e.g. according to ISO 2060 or ASTM D6587, a preselected yarn length, e.g. 100 m, is delivered by the yarn feeding device into a collection chamber, and subsequently the weight is measured. By using the principle of a vacuum conveyer the yarn is permanently in contact with the ambient (laboratory) climate. In this way drying of the yarn as would occur with a compressed-air system does not happen.
Another advantage is the yarn tension measurement during the test. If tension limits specified by the relevant standards are exceeded, a correction is automatically made based on the same yarns tensile properties.

Technical data

Tensile test:

  • 2 pneumatic yarn clamps, automatic threading by rotating gripper arm, min. gauge length 80 mm, max. travel of draw-off clamp 1000 mm for 100 mm gauge length, draw-off speed 1...10.000 mm/min
  • Force-measuring device with a measuring range of 500 N (optional: 1500 N)
  • Elongation-measuring device with resolver, resolution 2 µm

Yarn evenness test:

  • Capacitive measuring system, yarn count measuring range 5...150 tex, max. test speed 500 m/min with yarn feeding device
  • Optical sensor for interlace tests in multifilament yarns

Yarn count test:

  • Yarn collection chamber and electronic balance, weighing range 300 g, resolution 1 mg (higher resolution on request), yarn length selectable in the range 1...1000 m, max. test speed 500 m/min with yarn feeding device

Package changer:

  • Standard version with 20 positions, expandable to 40 positions, free selection of package changer positions to be tested in succession

Yarn feeding device:

  • Nip roller/apron system, max. yarn delivery speed 500 m/min, resolution of length measurement 0.3 mm

Further technical data

Mains supply:
230 V, 50 (60) Hz, current requirement approx. 1 A
Compressed-air supply:
min. 6 bar, 60 l/min (with yarn feeding device/AUTOCOUNT: 150 l/min)
Lacquer finish:
RAL 9006/5002
Height 1680 mm, width 825 mm, depth 830 mm, weight approx. 250 kg

The above technical contents can be subject to changes by Textechno.

Statimat ME+

Automatic tensile tester for yarns


This fully automatic tensile tester represents the latest evolutionary stage of the legendary STATIMAT line, which has been manufactured by Textechno for approximately 50 years. The STATIMAT ME+ combines a budget price with maximum flexibility, low energy consumption, and the outstanding performance of a STATIMAT ME. As its predecessors it features the straight input feed into the test section by the draw-off clamp for each new yarn length. In addition to the advantages of low technical expenditure, high delivery speed, and extremely reliable operation the STATIMAT ME+ enables the use of a package changer for feeding up to 50 yarn packages. The modular composition of the ME+ allows optimised configurations for every technical demand and budget. In addition to standard tensile tests carried out on filament- and spun yarns, twisted yarns, and mono-filaments, the STATIMAT ME+ can also be used within the force range of 1000 N (1500 N on request) to carry out tensile- and elasticity tests on fabrics and cohesion tests on slivers and rovings. For this, various special clamps for manual intro- duction of the test sample are available as replace- ments for the automatic yarn clamps. TEXCOUNT