Automatic tensile tester for yarns


This fully automatic tensile tester represents the latest evolutionary stage of the legendary STATIMAT line, which has been manufactured by Textechno for approximately 50 years. The STATIMAT ME+ combines a budget price with maximum flexibility, low energy consumption, and the outstanding performance of a STATIMAT ME. As its predecessors it features the straight input feed into the test section by the draw-off clamp for each new yarn length. In addition to the advantages of low technical expenditure, high delivery speed, and extremely reliable operation the STATIMAT ME+ enables the use of a package changer for feeding up to 50 yarn packages. The modular composition of the ME+ allows optimised configurations for every technical demand and budget.

In addition to standard tensile tests carried out on filament- and spun yarns, twisted yarns, and mono-filaments, the STATIMAT ME+ can also be used within the force range of 1000 N (1500 N on request) to carry out tensile- and elasticity tests on fabrics and cohesion tests on slivers and rovings. For this, various special clamps for manual intro- duction of the test sample are available as replace- ments for the automatic yarn clamps.


The TEXCOUNT system is suitable to determine the linear density of slivers, tops, rovings and all kind of yarns. The system consists of an electronic balance with a resolution of 1 mg, which connects to the STATIMAT ME+ or a TEXCOUNT software package on a separate PC. For the sample preparation a wrap reel is required.

System components

Test section:

2 pneumatic yarn clamps, automatic linear threading, min. gauge length 50 mm, max. travel of draw-off clamp 860 mm for a 100 mm gauge length, draw-off clamp speed 1 - 5000 mm/min.

Package changer:

Standard version with 10 positions, expandable to 50 positions.

Measuring systems:

Force-measuring device with easily exchangeable force transducers, max. 1000 N; (1500 N on request).

Elongation-measuring device with resolver, resolution 2 ?m.

Further technical data

Mains supply :

230 V, 50 (60) Hz, current requirement approx. 1 A min

Compressed-air supply :

5 bar, 25 l/min with blower suction, approx. 100 l/min with pneumatic suction

Lacquer finish:

RAL 9006/5002


Height 1730 mm

Width 885 mm (with package changer for 10 units),

Depth 700 mm


approx. 200 kg

The above information can be subject to changes by Textechno.