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Product description

LabPro is a series of highly customizable state-of-the-art laboratory presses.

Although the highest LabPro model clamping force reaches 5000kN, much lower clamping forces (10kN or less) will be handled with the same precision and consistency.

The LabPro Press is largely automated and equipped with an easy to use touch screen control interface. Additionally, the built-in preset generator allows lab technicians to create and store up to 999 press recipes.

A wide range of options are available for the LabPro series, including a unique and highly efficient vacuum system that allows the use of high temperatures under vacuum conditions.

The ProView control software includes a 15” touch screen for temperature and clamping force control.


Active cooling system

Automated water cooling of the press platens, controlled by electric valves. The cooling system can be made compliant with ASTM D4703 (to achieve a 15°C/min cooling ramp) upon request.

The system also cools the frame, keeping the temperature of the case around the ambient temperature.

Vacuum system

The press chamber can be put under vacuum (30 – 40 mbar) by means of a vacuum pump that is integrated in the LabPro’s support table. This way, tests can be performed – even at high temperatures up to 700°C – without oxygen and/or with other gases such as nitrogen or argon. The vacuum conditions can be programmed, and the vacuum pump is controlled by our Programmable or ProView software. After pressing, the press chamber can be easily ventilated. Several additional features, such as a hardened glass window, lighting, electrical feedthroughs or multiple daylights can be integrated upon request.

Heating capacity to 700°C

The heating capacity of the LabPro can be expanded up to 700°C.

Fast heating System

When this time-saving system is installed, the heating process of the LabPro press can be accelerated to 20°C/min.

Customized ‘daylight’ and platen sizes

The dimensions of the daylight (this refers to the opening between the lower and higher platens) and platen sizes – see technical specifications section – can be customized upon request. It’s also possible to add extra daylights, which enables to process a significantly larger number of samples within the same cycle. Each daylight can have its own heating/cooling settings.

Oil heating

Compared with electrical heated platens, oil heated platens can achieve an even more homogenous temperature distribution.

Cassette cooling system

The cassette cooling system consists of two water cooled platens which can be moved horizontally – either manually or motorized – between the press platens. The cassette system can even move vertically along with the press platens, to allow cooling under pressure. In situations were extremely fast cooling is needed, the cassette cooling system – cooling up to 280°C per minute – is the right solution.

Furthermore, the heaten platens will be continuously heated while the cooling platens will be continuously cooled. This method results in much lower energy consumption compared to a traditional approach where the heated platens have to be cooled down after each pressing and then heated again. For the same reason, the cassette system is also time saving.

Floating upper platen for ultralow (< 10 kN) press force

A secondary pneumatic system ensures the weightless closure of the floating upper platen. This option is very useful when a low closure force is needed (0 – 10 kN). When the closure force needs to be higher the standard hydraulic system will be used.

Steel, aluminum and copper platens

By using optional platens in steel, aluminum or copper, a specific temperature distribution profile can be achieved. In case high specific surface pressures are required, other or especially hardened platen materials can be used as well.

Additional options

Your LabPro press can also be equipped with additional options like an exhaust hood, an automatic venting cycle and light and sound systems to indicate the end of a press cycle.


Closing force kN up to 5000 kN
Platen size mm several sizes from 225 x 225 up to 1000 x 1000mm
Daylight opening/stroke mm from 100 to 1000mm
Stroke max mm 1000
Voltage V 3 x 400V/50 Hz + zero + ground 3 x 480V/60 Hz + zero + ground

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