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Product description

The LabEcon series is made up of laboratory presses with a range of pressing force from 300, 600 and 1000 kN. They are fully automated hydraulic presses. The maximum working temperature is 300ºC but it is possible to increase it up to 400ºC. The ProView control software includes a 15” touch screen for temperature and clamping force control.


Roller bed

The roller bed consists of ball transfer units allowing to insert the mold more easily.

Light & sound signal end of cycle

Heating capacity to 400°C

Fast heating system. When this system is installed, the heating process of the LabEcon presses can be accelerated to 20°C/min

Active cooling system. Automated water cooling of the press platens, controlled by electric valves. The cooling system can be made compliant with ASTM D4703 (to achieve a 15°C/min cooling ramp) upon request.

Multiple ‘daylights’. By adding extra daylights – this refers to the opening between the lower and higher platens –, a significantly larger number of samples can be processed within the same cycle. Each daylight can have its own heating/cooling settings.

Steel, aluminum and copper platens. By using optional platens in steel, aluminum or copper, a specific temperature distribution profile can be achieved


Max. force* kN 300 600 1000
Platen size mm 320 x 320 400 x 400 500 x 500
Specific pressure with full load N/mm2 2,93 3,75 4
Specific pressure with load 250 x 250mm N/mm2 4,8 9,6 16
Max. temperature °C 300 (400°C in option)
Daylight mm 200 200 200
Amperage A 16 32 32
Voltage V 3 x 400V/50 Hz + zero + ground 3 x 480V/60 Hz + zero + ground
Length mm 790 790 790
Width mm 880 880 880
Height mm 1790 1790 1790
Weight kg 600 800 1000

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