Spinneret Cleaning


Vacuum pyrolysis cleaning system (vacuum cleaning oven) for removing polymer from spinnerets, spinneret packs, filters, extruder screws, and other parts.

Representing SCHWING Technologies, the leading manufacturer world-wide of advanced thermal cleaning systems for cleaning all types of Spinnerets. SCHWING thermal cleaning systems are being used throughout the fibers industry to clean and remove polymer from spinnerets, spinneret packs, filters, extruder screws, and other parts.

The VACUCLEAN gently cleans parts without any thermal damage. It is a green technology which completely removes all organic material. It uses an intelligent system to adjust the processing time to the amount of material to be removed.



Gas-heated thermal cleaning system. It removes organic contamination from metal parts and tools by thermal oxidation.In four to eight hours MAXICLEAN completely removes all polymer residues in a single process step without impacting the tools mechanically or thermally.

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Removes all organic contamination (included halogenated polymers) from heat resistant metal parts by thermal decomposition in a fluidized bed.

  • INNOVACLEAN carbonizes any polymer without residues within one to four hours.
  • Will be equipped with a separate thermal afterburner or off-gas washer for the pyrolysis gases from PVC, PTFE, etc.
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After the thermal cleaning process, spinnerets are then moved into an ultrasonic bath for the last step of the process.

  • Remaining inorganic residual contamination can are cleaned very well via ultrasound. The advantage of this technology is that it can also reach areas difficult to access making the dismantling of the parts often unnecessary.
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