Come to Us for Fully Automatic Spinneret Inspection Systems

Representing ASPEX, the worlds first manufacturer of fully automatic spinneret inspection systems.
The SpinTrak family of spinnerette inspection systems is specifically designed to inspect all types of fiber extrusion dies used in yarn, staple, spunbond, meltblown and spunlace applications. To accommodate various spinnerettes sizes and configurations, SpinTrak available in a variety of models, including the Bench Top, Table top and Floor Standing units.

Floor Standing Model:

inspect 1
Unit Model Inspection Area Length
F325R11800x2503 M
F350R11800x5003 M
F516R13800x1605 M
F525R13800x2505 M
F550R13800x5005 M
F616R14800x1606 M
F625R14800x2506 M
F650R14800x5006 M
F716R15800x1607 M
F725R15800x2507 M
F1351050x3001 M

Bench Top Model:

Unit Model Inspection Area
inspect 2

Table Top Model:

Unit Model Inspection Area
inspect 3