We Offer Quality Testing and Measurement Instruments

Automatic Single-Fibers Test System FAVIMAT+

  • Linear density
  • Tensile properties
  • Mechanical crimp properties (percent crimp, crimp removal force and crimp stability)
  • Geometrical crimp structure
  • Fibers-to-metal friction
  • Bending stiffness 

Automatic Single-Fibre Tester FAVIGRAPH

The FAVIGRAPH combines linear-density measurements and tensile tests in one test equipment. Similar to Favimat, but does not measure crimp and also does not have the option for the ROBOT automatic fiber feed unit.



  • Micro-dust and trash analyzer
  • Tests for impurities
  • Additionally measures individual fiber lengths
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  • Measures fiber length and fiber strength 
  • Connects to Windows 10 PC
  • Printout of individual values & statistical analysis
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Classifiber - Fiber Length Distribution Tester

  • For short and synthetic fibers up to 80 mm
  • Operating on Windows PC
  • Measurement saved on PC and shows diagrams and a Fibrogram 
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FIBRESTRESS - Bending Abrasion and Cyclic Stress Tester

  • Measures resistance of fibers to mechanical stress caused by friction/bending
  • 25 fiber samples can be tested simultaneously
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Cohesion - Meter R - 2020

  • Instrument for Dynamic measurement of cohesion forces
  • Analyzes crimp and finish influence on drafting
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Yarn Testing

Statimat ME+

-Automatic Tensile tester
-Optional Automatic Linear Density Measurement AUTOCOUNT

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Statimat 4U

-Automatic Tensile tester for High-tenacity yarns
-Optional Automatic Linear Density Measurement AUTOCOUNT

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Statimat DS

-Automatic Tensile tester AND Yarn evenness tester for yarns
-Optional Automatic Linear Density Measurement AUTOCOUNT

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Statimat MEL+

-Automatic Tensile tester for Elastomeric Yarns Including Spandex
-Optional Automatic Linear Density Measurement AUTOCOUNT

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Dynafil ME+ with COMCOUNT

DYNAFIL - Dynamic yarn tester measuring yarn properties of:

  • Draw-force of POY, FOY, or FOY
  • Crimp-force or percent Of DTY
  • Shrinkage-force or percent shrinkage of all kinds of yarns

COMUCOUNT - Yarn Collection and weighing device

-Weighing range 0-310', resolutions 1mg

Additional Modules: These are combined with the DYNAFIL ME+ as add-ons

  • Friction Device
  • Entanglement Sensor
  • Broken Filament Sensor
  • Yarn Evenness - COVAFIL
  • Automatic Sample Collector
  • Automatic Package Changer
    • For feeding up to 20 yarn test packages automatically
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Interlace Tester

  • To measure the number and stability of interlaces on POY, FDY, and DTY
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Automatic Crimp Contraction and Skein Shrinkage Tester

  • Crimp Contraction
  • Crimp Modulus
  • Crimp Stability
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Easy Tester

Yarn Evenness for Staples Yarns

  • Evenness tester fr cotton yarn, roving, ad sliver
  • Hairiness
  • Count
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KET-QT-Synthetic Yarn Evenness Tester

Includes up to 4 Plug-in Measuring Units

  • User can test 4 bobbins at a time
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KET-V++/C - Filament Yarn Evenness Tester

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LASERSPOT LST-V++ Hairiness-Diameter Tester

  • Measures hairiness, hairs and diameter
  • Volume of hairiness
  • Number of length of hairs
  • Diametric evenness of yarn
  • Use for measuring metallic fiber yarns and antistatic yarns
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Classifies faults in yarns such as:

  • Neps
  • Slub
  • Thick Place and Thin Place
  • Foreign fibers
  • Contaminations

Optional CV% Evenness Measurement Sensor

  • Measures yarn evenness in CV% while classifying conventional and foreign faults
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Yarn Tension Instruments

Mini-Tens R-3010

-Handheld Yarn Tensiometer

-Used for quick and easy measurement in all yarn processing plants

-Gives you an instant reading of yarn tension

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Memo-Tens R-3010

-Portable yarn tensiometer

-Connects to Tablet PC (included with Memo-Tens R-3010

-Records and stores statistical data when taking yarn tension measurements

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Tensiometer R-3000

-Yarn Tensiometer connected to Laptop or PC

-Similar to Memo-Tens R-3010

-Allows for measurements of 2 heads simultaneously or just a single head for yarn tension measurements

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Entaglement Tester R-2072

  • Counts number of entanglements per meter
  • For 30-5000 Denier Yarns
    • For deniers outside of this range, contact Measured Solutions, inc.
  • Finds distances between entanglement knots
  • Data evolution shown and stored on a Windows PC
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Fiction MeterL F-Meter R-3088

  • Measures the friction coefficient on yarns
  • For the measurement of the effects of preparations (finish, oils, etc)
  • Yarn/ Ceramic Friction
  • Yarn/ Steel Friction
  • Yarn/ Yarn Friction
  • Stick/Slip Measurements (Static Friction)
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Quality Monitoring for Yarns, Silvers, and Roving's

Card Autoleveller TMS25-R2C

  • Automatically senses and corrects the linear density variations in the sliver coming from existing and new card machines
  • Improve 70% of the count variation on card machines
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Sliver Quality Monitoring

  • Patented device that monitors sliver produced by a card, drawframe, or comber
  • Continuously tracks the sliver weight variation
  • Shows Count Variation A%, A% - S
  • CV% and CV at different cut lengths
  • Thick places (TP)
  • Warning and Stop Limits
me 29

Drawframe Autoleveller

  • Automatically corrects the linear density variations in the sliver coming from the existing and new drawframe
  • Sophisticated output sliver monitoring and production data shown on digital electronic draft
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Composites are materials which consist of fibers or fabrics embedded in a matrix, e.g. a polymer. Among the different types of composites, those based on carbon fibers or rovings are of growing importance because of their excellent strength and stiffness to weight ratio. Well known fields of application are structural components and parts of the body of aircrafts or motor cars. Such applications require high tenacity and also a flawless texture of the fabric structure which all can be assured with Textechno instruments.


The FIMATEST consists of two devices: the partially automated embedding station FIMABOND, which is suited for all kind of reinforcement fibres as well as for thermoset, thermoplastic or mineral matrices, and a device that performs high precision pull-out tests as a new accessory to Textechno's single-fibre linear-density and tensile tester FAVIMAT+.

The pull-out device is easy to install and operate in the FAVIMAT+. A microscopic camera facilitates the adjustment of the clamps as close as possible to the matrix surface with perfect alignment.

The FIMATEST system has won the JEC World 2016 Innovation award.

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Measures all important properties in manufacturing, processing and R&D of carbon and glass raying; in a single test system:

  • Friction properties (fibre-to-fibre and fibre-to-solid surfaces)
  • Spreading behavior (how easily and how wide can a roving be spread; width regularity and occurrence of gaps before and after spreading)
  • Detection of broken filaments (before and after spreading or frictional stress)
  • Homogeneity Of filament orientation in the roving measured by eddy currents (carbon fibre only). The sensor detects to which extend filaments are not perfectly oriented.

ROVINGTEST is a fully modular system that can be adapted to the customer's requirements to measure any of the above-mentioned properties.

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The DRAPETEST characterizes drapability and the formation of defects during the draping and forming process of standard- and non-crimp fabrics. The tester combines the measurement of the force required to deform the sample and the determination of small-scale defects such as gaps and by using an image analysis system developed by the Easgrj_nstitut Bremen (FIBRE). An optional triangulation sensor measures large-scale defects such as wrinkles.


DRAPETEST is suited for fabrics made of glass, carbon, Aramid and other materials. Additionally the DRAPETEST can be utilized for other testing procedures and materials, e.g. automotive seating materials.


The test procedures implemented by the DRAPETEST have recently been published as DIN SPEC 8100.

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